Monday, November 14, 2011

Cans from Vacation

Why has there been a lack of posts this week?  Because my wife and I just got back from a Bahamas cruise for our 11th anniversary. 

I saw dozens of cans on the cruise and during our stay in Florida, but given the way we packed I couldn't bring many cans home.  If there had been more time, I would have gathered some cans and shipped them home UPS but we had a tight schedule. 

But that doesn't mean I came home empty handed!  Here are my new cans:

Pepsi:  The first night we were in Ft Lauderdale, I saw this Pepsi can in a parking lot advertising FAU Owl Athletics.  I like cans with local advertisements.
Coca-Cola:  The "Arctic Home" cans are common now, but I got this on the cruise ship itself.  I will still be looking to get a bottom-opened one, but this is a good memento of our trip.
Ironbeer:  I had never heard of this brand.  I found it in a trash can on Miami Beach. 
Chek:  I have a couple of older Chek cans, but this one we found on the ground in a Taco Bell drive-thru in Ft Lauderdale.  We had gone into a Winn Dixie earlier that day and I saw all the different flavors of Chek available, but I didn't buy any. 
Minute Maid:  I got this one on the plane back to St Louis.  As they served everyone their mid-flight drinks, I mentioned to my wife that I didn't have this Minute Maid can, so she asked for it and the lady gave it to us. 

Something to keep in mind... if we drive somewhere on vacation, I can collect a LOT more cans!!!

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