Saturday, May 7, 2016

On the Road Again

With the nice weather came a short, one-day road trip scouring the antique malls and flea markets for other peoples' trash today.  My finds were a-plenty, but I only bought one can.  I saw some interesting things.

This was a neat checkerboard game, but at $150 I had to pass.

I saw this selection of cans, but some were beer cans, some were popcorn cans (?), and the soda cans were too expensive.  The old Gatorade was $7.50 and the cool push-button top Pepsi cans were $12 each.  So I moved on.

This "Redneck Chimes" joke is older than most cans in my collection, but this one caught my eye because I do not have that design of Bubba Cola.  Still, I had to pass.

Here was a little fella amidst some salt-n-pepper shakers.  $8 for a Coke Light can, but it was behind glass to I couldn't tell what country it was from or what size the can it was.  For $8, I wasn't even going to act interested.

This is the first Mission can I've seen that had its top and bottom still intact.  I see these cans quite a bit but they've usually been made into a bank or are missing their top or bottom.  Neat, but pass.

I have some Donald Duck orange juice cans, but I've never seen a root beer can with him on it.  This one has obviously seen better days.  I was afraid parts of it would fall off if I tried to pick it up.  $4.95 is too much to pay for rust.

I'm a sucker for Halloween, so even though this is a beer can I almost bought it.  But I know one beer can will lead to many.  So I saved $6 and an eventual beer can collection by passing on this one.

And then I saw this straight steel Tico Cola can sitting among the Native American dolls.  It was in great shape and only cost $2.50.  I pulled up my website on my phone to see if I had it and I didn't.  So I finally made a purchase!!!  Its pull tab top was still sealed, the owner had bottom-opened it.  According to the Can Museum website, this can is from the 1960's.  


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