Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cans from Antique Stores

Beer cans
Soda bottles

Followers of this blog know I occasionally check out antique stores for soda cans.  They also know I complain about there being so many more beer cans and soda bottles than soda cans.  So don't be surprised that I'm complaining again, hehe.

But after a few hours of wading through doilies and cookbooks, I found a Bubba Cola can.  I have a couple of the newer designs, so at $1.50 it was an easy sell for this older design.


The town I live in has a small grocery store, but the family-owned one I stopped in this afternoon in a small town on my drive had these 8oz A&W cans 2/$1.  So I picked up this year's Halloween A&W and the regular design which I didn't have in that size yet.

And to close out my hunting trip, I found this 3-can set of X-Men 2 Dr. Pepper cans for only $2.  What a deal!

I'll admit that I saw a few more soda cans but those were nothing special to me and went for $4, $8, and even higher per can.  So I passed on those.  I wish I could get $8 per can for my collection.  Then I could retire and have time to build a real collection!!!


  1. Yup your right! Thouse beer cans, grr hehe i have the same problum too sometims, it's like thers more beer all the time heh.

  2. I just nabbed that A&W Halloween can myself from my son's party. I love the Halloween cans!

    1. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love anything Halloween-themed.

  3. Man, I wish my antique shops had cans of any sort! My only ways right now are convenience stores, Walmart/Target, and friends and family.

  4. It can get expensive over time to buy new cans from the store. That's why it's nice to set up a little network of friends/family to save some of their old cans for you. And if you end up with 5 out of 6 cans in a set and they aren't sold in stores any more, you can hit eBay to get the one you're missing. I've done that before. Who know there'd be strategies involved in collecting cans? hehe