Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's Not Always A Success

Last weekend I was out of town at a convention and during the down time I visited a couple of nearby antique malls.  I've said this a few times here, but there are so many more beer cans to be found at those places over soda cans.  And this time I documented it. 

Here are some of the beer cans I saw:

Then I saw this display:


But there were no Coca-Cola cans to buy, just merchandise.  So I'll keep looking...


  1. That's cool man, Did you see ther was a wild orange and a upper 10 can at the end of the row in picture #2.

    1. Good eye! Yes, I have the Upper 10 already. I don't know how I missed the Wildwood orange. I have the cola in my collection but not the orange. Another lesson; take your time while looking through "beer" cans.

    2. You got that right!!, Take your time looking through beer cans and old abandend houses!!,