Saturday, June 17, 2017


A few weeks ago I went to someone's house and saw a strange can sitting on their counter.  I assumed it was an alcoholic drink since I'd never seen a soda can like it before.  They saw I noticed the can and said they had saved it for me.  And then they explained what it was.

This novelty can came with a Yeti cooler they bought (Yeti is the brand of cooler).  I looked the can over and noticed a few things:

First, it's molded as one piece.  The top looks like it has a real pop top but it doesn't, it's one smooth piece of metal.

Second, it says it contains 12 oz of air.  What's sillier than a can of air?  How about a can of sunshine?

Third, The can says it was established in 2006 and founded in Austin, TX.

The back of the can is an advertisement for YETI coolers with the warning "Be Wild Resonsibly."

But what I really like is the "government warning" written on the side of the can:

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