Thursday, February 19, 2015

What I Got Out of Training

I spent the last two days in training at work.  During one of the "get out of your seat and mingle" exercises today I spied this can sitting on a nearby table.  I immediately knew I didn't have it because it looked totally unfamiliar.  My next task: watch to see whose it was.

A few minutes later when we returned to our seats, I saw who the owner was.  Fortunately it was someone I have worked with in the past, so I might not seem like a total loon when I asked him for can when he was finished with it.

At the next break I took a deep breath and did what I've actually become rather accustomed to doing... I asked if I could have his can when it was empty.  I got the typical "This?  Why?" look, but I explained about my collection and then he understood (or at least he said he understood).  Either way, I had a new can.

He said his girlfriend had bought this Dasani apple flavored water.  His review was not so good.  He named a few other brands he'd rather have, which led to a short discussion on flavored water.

And THAT is what I got out of my leadership training.  I call it a success.


  1. That Soda Can CollectorFebruary 20, 2015 at 1:35 PM

    You don't have any sparkling water? My family drinks it all the time. I could get you some, since they are usually in 12 packs.

    1. Stores around here have sparkling water, I just hadn't seen this particular can before. And it's not something I typically get for my house, we're more of an unsparkling water house :) Thanks for the offer though.

  2. that's cool, we have the same thing hear in Canada, of what I've sean we have 3 flavors, ones sparkling lemonade, sparkling lime and sparkling raspberry. good find though!.