Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Latest Trade

I made a recent 12-can trade with a fellow collector in Canada. 


Among the cans I received is a Scottish carbonated soft drink (Irn Bru), a Pepsi Light from China, the Canadian 2013 Mtn Dew Dewmocracy winner (Voltage) and many more. 

My trading has slowed down this year but I still like receiving an occasional box of cans that I can't get in my area. 

Thanks, Ryan!


  1. Did they arrive full or empty? If they were full did you give the Irn Bru a taste? I live in Aus but recently found a can in my local supermarket in the imports section... different can design to that of your post.. Quite an interesting (in a good way) taste to it I thought

    1. The cans were empty. Shipping full cans can lead to problems. See my June 15, 2011, post called "The Force Wasn't With Me." I hope to be able to taste the Im Bru someday, I have no idea what it would taste like :)