Saturday, April 27, 2013

Monster Vs Monster

USA                                 Canada

I was recently given a Monster Absolutely Zero from Canada.  I already had one from the USA.  So I decided to compare the two cans to see what the similarities/differences are.  And here they are.

The first difference is the "Zero Calories" on the front of the Canadian can.  And near the bottom is printed the can size, 473mL in metric for Canada and 16 FL OZ for America's Old English measurement (why change now?).  The tops of the two cans have the same light blue Monster tabs.

The back of the cans are quite different.  The American can is split into two columns, the left being the nutritional content/ingredients and the right being a story about why they made Absolutely Zero.  The Canadian can has one column which contains information and ingredients printed in both English and French. 

Another difference between the cans is the drink's purpose.  In America, it's labeled as an energy supplement.  In Canada, it's labeled as a natural health product (or produit de sante naturel.)  Also note on the Canadian can its "recommended dose for adults" is "Drink 1 can per day as needed."  It's probably just how they've worded it, but that sounds like something on a medicine bottle here in the States.

The Canadian can doesn't have the nutritional chart that the American one has.  And although both cans list the ingredients, the Canadian can breaks the list into "medicinal ingredients" and "non-medicinal ingredients," again making it sound like an energy drink you'd buy at a pharmacy. 

And if this post wasn't enough reading for you, then sit back and enjoy the story on why Monster created its Absolutely Zero flavor...

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