Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Bust in the Dust

This morning I accompanied a group of men who go around town to do handyman chores around the homes of the elderly who can't do the work themselves any more.  My particular group was assigned to clean out an old, dusty dilapidated shed that is going to be torn down soon.  Conditions were right for a dump dive!

Near the end of my "shift" I was disappointed I hadn't found a can yet among the rotted shelves, rusted tools and dust-covered boxes and containers.  And then I pulled up some old wooden stakes and I found a stash of eight dirty cans.  The problem was, they had all been crushed after the person drank them.  All of them were aluminum and the ones I could recognize were relatively newer cans that I already have anyway.  A couple of the cans were so crushed I don't know what brand they were. 

So what could have been a great can find turned out to be a bust... until my dad came over this evening and said he found this "rooster can" while on his daily walk the other day.

So I did end up with a treasure today after all.

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