Thursday, December 8, 2011

Can Watch: Capture the Flag

Back in February of this year, Diet Coke teamed up with The Heart Truth to launch "Capture the Flag", a national program to raise awareness for women's heart health programs.  For the campaign, Diet Coke added The Heart Truth's red dress symbol to its Diet Coke cans along with a big red heart.  There were four different can designs.

The two I have

I have two of the four designs.  The first one I have shows a figure holding a large white flag with the red heart on it.  The other can shows a figure standing next to the red heart.

The two I need

One of the designs I don't have shows a figure lifting the red heart over its head.  The other shows the figure standing on top of the red heart with a ladder leaning against the heart.

I've seen many of these cans this year but they've always been the same two designs.  So I will continue to watch for the other two designs. 

* The picture of the cans I don't have came from the internet.

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